Uniting veterans in
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Forging bonds that echo beyond the hunt.

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From a couple guys getting together to guided hunting and fishing trips, we work hard to create outdoor opportunities for our veterans. Watch our calendar for upcoming events.
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Honor our heroes. Donate to support Veterans getting outdoors. Every contribution makes a difference in their lives and well-being.
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Empowering veterans

Through our outdoor program, veterans find camaraderie, healing, and new challenges—transforming experiences that redefine post-service life positively.
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Our mission

Empowering veterans through outdoor experiences, Idaho Backcountry Veterans is dedicated to fostering resilience, providing a positive outlet, and building a supportive community. We believe in uniting veterans through the great outdoors, forging bonds that echo beyond the hunt. By utilizing the healing power of nature, we aim to help veterans and their families overcome the challenges of PTSD and trauma, promoting mental well-being with the ultimate goal of reducing the veteran suicide rate.

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Our Story

Started in 2017 Idaho Back Country Veterans is a Not-For-Profit corporation registered in Idaho. We fundraise and have a series of amazing sponsors and partners that help us create natural escapes for those we help.

Past Events

100% of our donations go directly to supporting veterans getting outdoors.

Veteran Resources

We want to help our veterans succeed in their post service lives. See our resources.

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outdoor nonprofit

We are an outdoor nonprofit created for our Veterans to enjoy quality hunting, fishing, and other sporting activities.