Our Story

The healing impact of nature

At Idaho Backcountry Veterans, our story is rooted in resilience, as we were founded by a combat veteran who navigated a challenging journey through childhood abandonment, substance abuse, alcoholism, suicide attempts, and PTSD. This founder’s personal triumph over adversity became the driving force behind the creation of our organization.
Having experienced the profound healing impact of nature firsthand, our founder envisioned a space where veterans facing similar struggles could find solace and support. Idaho Backcountry Veterans emerged from the crucible of personal experience, driven by the belief that the great outdoors and shared camaraderie could serve as a powerful antidote to the wounds of war and life’s hardships.
Our mission is a testament to the transformative journey that our founder undertook, turning personal struggles into a purpose to uplift others. Join us in this narrative of hope, where every outdoor adventure becomes a step towards healing, and every veteran’s story is a testament to the strength found in overcoming life’s challenges.

board Members

Kevin McFarland

Founder / Executive Director 

Hailing from Melba, Idaho, Kevin grew up hunting and fishing with his grandpa where he developed his passion for the great outdoors. After joining the National Guard in 2003, he deployed to combat zones in both Kirkuk and Baghdad, Iraq. After returning home, he discovered that the time he spent outdoors helped him deal with the realities of combat and he sought to help other veterans overcome and deal with the burdens of PTSD the best way he knew how, via the outdoors. It was this realization that led him to co-found Idaho Backcountry Veterans.

Daniel Figini

Vice President - Big Game and Special Events Coordinator 

Drawn by the call of the great outdoors, Daniel, an Army Veteran and prior Scout, relocated to Idaho upon his separation from Active Duty in 2016. He takes every opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of God’s country through hunting, fishing, and shooting. The positive impacts he experienced through outdoor activities led him to join the IBV Team in order to connect with other Veterans and help them have similar experiences and opportunities to make lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Carlos Valadez Jr.

Treasurer - Fishing Coordinator 

Native of Nampa, Idaho, Carlos joined the Marines in 2003 after graduating from Skyview High School. His 13 years in the Corps included multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan with the Huey and Cobra Helicopter. Upon separation from the Marines, he returned to Idaho and joined the the 124th Fighter Wing Munitions as a Crew Chief with the Idaho Air National Guard, allowing him to continue to serve while being able to spend more time with his wife and three children. As an IBV member, he uses his extensive knowledge of the local waterways and his skills as an avid angler to help Veterans find peace through the pursuit of Idaho’s incredible variety of fish.

Robyn McFarland

Secretary - Special Events Coordinator 

Hailing from Idaho, my formative years instilled in me a profound appreciation for the outdoors and a profound commitment to community values. Having observed the transformative influence of nature on my husband, a combat veteran with two Iraq tours, I now serve as the secretary for a distinguished nonprofit dedicated to veterans. Collaborating alongside my husband, we endeavor to make a meaningful impact on the lives of fellow veterans. It is both a privilege and an honor to contribute to the well-being of our veterans, leveraging the positive influence of nature on their lives.

Chris Stoehner


Chris served in the United States Navy & Marine Corps team as a Hospital Corpsman with the 2D Marine Division. Since leaving Active Duty he has also served as a Tactical Medic and Patrol Sergeant in Law Enforcement. He continues to serve through his volunteer work with Idaho Backcountry Veterans by promoting opportunities to get Veterans into the outdoors. He lives in Sandpoint with his wife Jennifer and is the owner of XSA International a firearms and emergency medicine training company.

Bob Isenberg


As a Soldier, Author, Horseman and Gold Star dad, my passion to escape the hectic everyday life into the serenity and harmony of nature is strong. I first came to North Idaho in 1967/68 to the World BSA Jamboree. September is a difficult month for me, but helping others to “get into the woods,” as my son Benjamin and I loved, puts my mind straight. Helping our Veterans as much as possible is my goal. The Lord has blessed my wife and I, and we want to continue to serve veterans. IBV is a well-established group of Veterans seeking to help Veterans connect and ground themselves in a civilian society.

Ed Faulkner


Ed served 4 years in the US Navy aboard USS Olderdorf (DD-972) and was home ported in Yokosuka Japan. After returning home from overseas duty another veteran helped him transition to civilian life by taking him hunting and fishing. Joining Idaho Backcountry Veterans has allowed him to share these restorative activities with fellow veterans and their families. Spending time with veterans, and telling stories of our experiences, reminds us that we are not alone.

Shane Rock


Southern Idaho Native. Shane joined the Army in 1998 after graduating from Jerome High School.  After completing his time in the Active Duty Army, he moved back to Southern Idaho and joined the Idaho Army National Guard.  He is married with 2 children. Shane has always been an avid outdoorsman; it has been he way to reset in life. He enjoys taking other Veterans out and showing them ways to enjoy the outdoors as well as spending time with his family.

Jeff Schultz


Jeff Schulz was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho and joined the Army while still in high school. He deployed twice while on active duty, and was injured in 2006, which ultimately led to him being medically retired in 2016. Upon returning home, he got involved with other volunteer organizations looking for that sense of camaraderie he missed. This led him to volunteering his time with helping veterans get the support they need and getting outdoors.

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We are an outdoor nonprofit created for our Veterans to enjoy quality hunting, fishing, and other sporting activities.